Second do not expect miracles from each other Third Nahuatl for a stranger, but only for them make a list of what you want to achieve.

Go for a slow but meaningful steps longed-for goal. Praise you for every thing that you will meet.
Keep it moving and did not the 31 day fat loss cure  punish for it when you do something just wrong.

Need mute with food, but rather a pleasant experience do not worry that your weight goes down slowly Instead of weighing, measure around the waist.

Rejoice in the fact that you are clothes that you could wear.
Start with a regular motion today Get a pedometer and daily Fair least 7000 steps.

Replace the elevator for the stairs and the car must be in a round.
Find a sport that you will enjoy Practice 2x a week for 60 minutes.

Every morning, take at least 10 minutes drafting exercise Learn to breathe properly and to become yoga or tai chi periodically relaxes and regenerate.

Avoid stress and sleep at least six hours a day Caloric intake should not be higher than supply Eat healthily, regularly and in moderation.

Start your day with breakfast Treat yourself to a day 3 larger and 2 smaller portions.

During the day, do not be hungry for more than three hours, overnight, then 10 hours.
Do not go to bed hungry, I prefer to indulge in a little second dinner.